Discussion - Lemon Law for appliances

Dawn () [ Reply ] 2013-10-31 10:17:05
I bought a washer and dryer the first washer was broke then they replaced it went to try it broke they deleivered another one again broke all the same thing motor hums drum dont spin was told i had to take a class on the machine it is a maytag 4000 front load pc richards wont give my money back i dont trust there products no washer for a month and a half just want my money back to buy a machine that works hope you can help me thanks Dawn
marian () [ Reply ] 2013-10-31 10:17:06
January 9, 2010 I purchased an Amana front loader washing machine. I did not purchase the extended warranty due to my experience in the past with such warranties having too many exceptions to be worth the cost. My washer needed repair 6 months after purchase and just this week it stopped working again. The repair man said that it needed a new control panel and the cost to repair would be about $500.00 with his service fee. What recourse do I have? A washing machine should last more than 13 months. There are only two of us in the household so it never got heavy use. Customer service for the manufacturer were of no help and neither was Lowes where it was purchased. Thank you
Debbie Billera () [ Reply ] 2013-10-31 10:17:07
We purchased a new LG cenvection range and after having it for 2 weeks, it has malfunctioned and the inside of the oven is ruined. LG is not doing a thing about it, so we are 'stuck' with a $1,200 ugly range now. LG does not stand behind their products and doesn't know the meaning of customer support. Do we have an 'appliance lemon law' case here?
Lemon Law Act Team (United States) replies to Debbie Billera [ Reply ] 2013-11-01 13:26:23
Dear Debbie, If two weeks are about to complete from the date of purchase then you can contact the purchase store and ask to replace it with a new one, as most stores keep a policy to exchange a faulty product with a new one within some specified number of days from purchase. Or else call the LG Customer Service Support and fix an Under Warranty Service. If they don't head service then send a normal letter to them seeking service for the Under Warranty Faulty Product with necessary documents like; Bill and Warranty Card (only photo-copy, no originals). Make sure you send the letter via 'Delivery Confirmation' as that prevents a company from refraining to never receive a correspondence. Give them a month's time to contact you for repair or negotiation and if they fail to do so then you may file a legal notice via any lemon specialized lawyer and carry the case and seek some suitable damages as well.
Discussion - Lemon Law for appliances
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