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This Law is actually entitled "Operation and Licensing of Pet Shops" so it does not apply to most hobby breeders. It does have provisions similar to the Puppy Lemon Laws of the other states, so it is included here.

Pros: does not effect most hobby breeders

Cons: does not effect back yard breeders, time period to find congenital problems too short.

* Applies to: pet shop licensee.

* Contagious or Infectious Disease: 14 days

* Congenital or Hereditary Defects: 14 days

* Failure to Produced Advertised Registration Papers: no

* Replacement: yes

* Refund: yes

* Reimbursement of Veterinary Expenses to Treat Dog: no

Source: www.malteseonly.com

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  Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2009 at 6:50 AM under   Massachusetts Lemon Law

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