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Safety caps on over-the-counter medicines protect us from anyone's tampering. Safety belts protect us from serious injury during auto accidents. Real estate laws protect us from each other in buying and selling homes.


What we need now is "taxpayer protection," or "naive and gullible reader protection" - or perhaps a "lemon law" to protect voters from incompetent representatives. A recall system, an evaluation standard, a check-off list of duties not performed to rescind the results of an election are now required in a "civilized" society.

And if the representatives fail in their report card, they would be denied any benefits, salary, perks or rewards. They would be recalled or would stay in office without pay until their term ends, unless they actually accomplish wise and beneficial tasks they were elected to perform.

The Voter Protection Agency could be staffed by retired clerks who have nothing to gain or lose by their evaluation results. Source

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