My dog has severe hip dysplasia

 Posted by Olivia in Puppy Lemon Law - South Carolina
Hi,My dog Zeus has developed severe hip dysplasia in both hips and has two torn cruciate ligaments. I bought him from the breeder for almost a $1000 and was told he was top bred. I didn't think at the time to ask for health screenings and all that. Well almost a year later I found out my poor boy had developed all this and it was hereditary. I messaged the breeder and told him of all the medical conditions of the puppies he was producing. He said I was the only one in 8 years to complain of this problem and the parents do not have any problems nor does any other sibling. This is his quote, "Im srry to hear that but ive been breeding dogs for 8 years n u are the first person to ever have this problem n i have both parents here with me now and three of their siblings and none of them have that problem. Maybe i will work it out and get u another pup but thats the first for me in 8 years of breeding. Also i have no control of anything hereditary. Thats like telling God he needs to stop m
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