Neighbor Has Major Used car problems.

 Posted by Thomas Seamans in Florida (FL) Lemon Law Statutes
My neighbor purchase a 2003, Dodge Ram Pickup. He has only driven it for about 200 miles. He states that the 1st gear is a problem. I am an old school Automobile Technicians. When John (the reg. owner of the vehicle) seems to think there is nothing he can do although a very smart kid in his own right. Anyway he purchased a 2003 Dodge Dakota it worked fair for awhile and then everything went south. First it lacked the horse power do go over 80mph.( on the Expressway) It got to the point that he had to feather the Valve Body. It seem to be running out of gas. Then it started to buck, back and fourth. It stopped running after about 200 miles. The motor starts but the darn thing doesn't want to go. The Trans does not act right at al since first gear started to screw up. I smelled the tranny fluid and it is brackish and smells burnt. The Truck I've mentioned has been sitting more than a week. It is unsafe to drive. If it cuts out while driving, he could kill somebody. Thnkx. T. Seamans
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