Refrigerator with multiple repairs on the ice maker

 Posted by Deanna in Ohio Lemon Law
We bought an Electrolux (expensive, couple thousand) refrigerator in April 2010. The ice maker has been repaired Dec 2011, Jan 2012,June 2012, Sept 2012, Oct 2012, March 2013, Sept 2013 and now July 2014. The warranty company (which ours ends in April 2015) says any repair done within 3 months of repair is a recall, even if the refrigerator ice maker was working and quit again. You have to have 4 (what they qualify as repairs in a yr) do the math, before the will replace a appliance. The company will only give us a repair ticket. If this isn't a lemon I don't know what is! How do I get the company to refund our money or replace it with an appliance that won't have these problems? I really like the refrigerator except for the ice make that never works, but I never will buy an electrolux again. any advise?
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