Washer & Dryer Pair

 Posted by Robert Camasse in Pennsylvania Lemon Law
Purchased a washer & dryer pair new and had it serviced 3 times. The lid on washer keeps falling and recently fell and caused a cut on my wife's nose! The washer leaves the clothing very wet and this causes the dryer to run for hours but the clothing is still damp on removal. All the aforementioned problems were explained to the service repair people and the following solutions were provided but do not work:
- The washer lid was adjusted but barley stays up properly.
- The washer settings were adjusted but this did not help.
- The dryer settings were adjusted and it did not help.
- The dryer vents were cleaned but did not prevent the clothing from remaining wet after running for several hours.
The place the appliances were purchased is out of business (Biters Appliance).
Frigidaire will send a service repair person but we want a refund or new replacement washers and dryers.
The appliances are still less than 1 year old.
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