Sears- getting worse and worse at service!

 Posted by Mike Smith in Colorado Lemon Law
We purchased a $3250 (plus $181 tax!) refrigerator in 2009, purchased the extended warranty and have had Sears come back continually ever since then to fix the same problem leak at great expense to us in wasted time sitting around off-work waiting for a 12-5 appointment window.
Each repairman said they had the leaking problem fixed but each time the problem persisted. If ever there was a 'lemon' this is it!
We want our money back, or a new machine of comparable features (certainly not comparable quality, as that never existed!). Well, the extended warranty just expired- now what do we do? Just buy another piece of crap from a vendor or hold these companies accountable? We are disgusted with the way these companies run their businesses. What are our rights?
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